Can CC automatically connect and download news from calibre?

Yes, as of CC V3.6.4. 

Go to Settings / Wireless Device Connection. Tap Allow automatic connection to "check" the box. A dialog will open asking you for the time of day you wish CC to connect. Once you exit settings, CC will attempt to connect to calibre as a wireless device every day at that time. When it connects, CC will go through a full exchange, updating book metadata in CC, downloading any news articles that are waiting, and "conversing" with the Reading List plugin to see if books need to be downloaded.

There are several reasons that auto-connections might fail.

  • Calibre isn't running.
  • More than one instance of calibre is running on your network. CC doesn't know which one to connect to and cannot ask you.
  • Another device is already connected to calibre.

CC keeps a log of what happens during an auto-connect. You can see this log by going to Settings / Wireless Device Connection and tapping View automatic connection log. There is more detailed information available in CC's debug log.

Charles Haley
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